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custom luxury cosmetic perfume candle box packaging design

  • Brand Name :Pi sustainable packaging
  • Min.Order:3000pcs
  • Feature:Innovative cosmetic packaging design | consider user friendly, eco friendly cosmetic packaging | luxury cosmetic packaging | design concepts into cosmetic packaging boxes |. Pyramid shape enhance marketing ability dramatically. 

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Product Details

Cosmetic packaging design | idea: luxury cosmetic packaging display is the essential functions of cosmetic packaging boxes |. Original innovative cosmetic packaging boxes design | have created pyramid shape to achieve luxury cosmetic display effect, innovation can enter the heart of public consumers without any limitation. Meanwhile, pyramid shape cosmetic gift boxes | open like flowers blooming. The flower blooming processing reminds public audience of beautifying scene. It convinces them of that your whiten and beautifying functions of cosmetic can be imagined. Here is picture shown blooming custom cosmetic packaging boxes |:
custom cosmetic packaging design
After blooming, rigid cosmetic packaging boxes | become flat sheet. In a result, it is convenient for packing workers to pack, meanwhile, transportation and storage fee can be cut dramatically. This point respects eco friendly cosmetic packaging design | user friendly concepts as top priority. Blooming flower processing is integrated into perfume box design | is able to waken up your end consumers' soul to realize your perfume functions, as flower blooming processing look similar to perfume volatilization. 

Custom cosmetic packaging | solutions: As per your specific products and brand demand, Pi sustainable packaging company is professional to custom cosmetic packaging boxes |, including material selection, dimensions, model shape, structure design, printing and post printing craft application etc. In a result, your brand value and culture stories will be evoked. Thanks to our custom packaging solutions, this innovative cosmetic packaging design | can be applied to other product packaging |: such as chocolate boxes packaging | tea packaging | pen packaging | jewelry packaging | wine packaging |etc. 

Value-added: Different from most of cosmetic packaging suppliers |,original innovative cosmetic packaging design | provided by Pi sustainable packaging company will help you build luxury/innovative/natural and organic cosmetic brand image. Our cosmetic packaging design | not only covers cosmetic packaging boxes design |, but also cosmetic packaging containers design |. Our strong product packaging research and development engineering will make your dream of innovative design come true and suitable for mass production. So you not only purchase custom cosmetic packaging | from us, but also benefit from brand building and innovative design from us. This point lead us to become a most cost-effective cosmetic packaging suppliers |. 

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