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Wine packaging | is a biographic to present your wine brand

2017-09-22 14:42:56

Wine packaging | is a biographic to present your wine brand:


When you are listening to biographic, what is the first image entering your mind? Maybe a book image jump inside of your mind. Right? However, maybe you feel confused to build connection between book and wine packaging |. Is it right? Would you like to learn more how to do that?


If we are able to create original innovative wine packaging design | to achieve book shape, could you build emotional bridge between book and luxury wine packaging |? I think the answer is definitely yesJ Now, the question is how to achieve book shape wine packaging boxes |. In fact, there are several custom wine packaging solutions | to do that. In order to make book image come true as attractive as real book, Pi sustainable packaging company is able to create wooden wine boxes | in book shape. Here is the picture shown you detail:

wooden wine boxes

Now, can you feel book and biographic strongly? Does it look like a biographic to tell your wine brand stories to your potential buyers? When your potential buyers are watching your wine, they are very curious about what it is inside wood wine boxes | as they are only able to get part and blur image of your wine and wine bottle via hollow effect created by wooden book spine.


Maybe some of you would like to question me: unfinished wooden wine packaging boxes | on above picture are not certain to fit to your wine bottles. No problem, we are able to custom wine packaging boxes | as per dimensions and shape of your wine bottle. Here are another one wooden wine boxes | in different dimensions:

wooden wine packaging boxes

So that you succeed in creation of professional brand image based on book shape background. Once you win professional reputation, you can easily build strong emotional bridge between your target buyers and your brand. This marketing effect will drive your wine sales volume and profit increase for a long period. 

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