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Pink small wood earring jewelry gift boxes for girls wholesale

  • Brand Name :Pi sustainable packaging
  • Min.Order:5000pcs
  • Feature:luxury jewelry packaging display|Piano painting applied to earring wood jewelry boxes surface demonstrate the value of jewelry|.

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Product Details

Pink small wood earring jewelry gift boxes for girls wholesale |:


Jewelry packaging concept |: luxury earring jewelry packaging concept display |.


Material selection & handmade craft: this earring jewelry gift boxes is made of wood, which is suit to create the neat shape and shiny surface. Wood is also from natural resource and will be sustainable and enviromental friendly after disposal. The consumers will associate the luxury jewelry packaging boxes with the classical jewelry inside, but also respect enviromental responsibility. Custom printing or post printing are available to applied to client's logo or personalized design, such as silk screen printing, gold stamping and so on are available to make your brand recognize easy. 


Structure: lid linked to base by metal hinge as closure system, this structure create the classy quality of jewelry box and suit to display the jewelry conveniently. It is also entitled as a luxury gift for girls. 


Color: pink is more recognizable and attract girls' attention more easily. It will also help your brand stand-out to win a colorful impact at the sales site. The color can be bespoke tailor to your specific demand. Transparent color, solid color are available.


Application: as an integrated part of whole product, play important role to show high quality of the content. drive your precious jewelry stand-out from crowd, represent a luxury image of brand & product, become a gift for girls and can be keepsake to hand down from generation to generation due to the luxury quality.


Add value: Our original innovative earring jewelry packaging design will make your jewelry & your brand recognizable easier. Material selection will propose you luxury packaging display, but also sustainable packaging concept.

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