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Personalized leather earring jewelry packaging gift boxes supplies for women

  • Brand Name :Pi sustainable packaging
  • Min.Order:5000pcs
  • Feature:luxury jewelry packaging display | dome jewelry packaging gift boxes lid meet women favor

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Product Details

Personalized leather earring jewelry packaging gift boxes supplies for women |


custom jewelry packaging concept |: luxury jewelry packaging boxes display concept, display ring or earring in deluxe way.

Personalized jewelry packaging boxes Material |: it is custom made of leather, fabric as outside fashions and lining, plastic play the role of jewelry boxes for women block |, so we can call it leather jewelry packaging boxes | plastic jewelry packaging gift box |. leather, fabric and plastic create the luxury, soft touching feeling for luxury jewelry packaging boxes supplies |. Material selection can be customized, such as paper, tin, wooden,etc are available; then it can become paper jewelry packaging box | tin jewelry packaging box | wood jewellery packaging box supplies | and so on. The inner tray to protect jewelry can be personalized too, so that personalized jewelry boxes can be suitable to packaging ring, earring, necklace and so on. Here is picture shown related personalized leather ring jewelry boxes | for your reference:

Personalized leather ring jewellery gift boxes supplies
Leather jewelry boxes structure |: leather jewelry gift boxes adopt lid linked to base packaging boxes structure. Your earring or ring or necklace will be detected by your potential audience when they open your leather jewelry gift boxes with lids |. Strong snapping feeling created by metal hinge joint lid and base together. It is an essential element to make your jewelry boxes for women feel luxury via tactile sense. 

Custom jewelry boxes printing production processing: logo can be silk screen printing, gold stamping, silver stamping and so on and printing or stamping are custom made as per your unique logo. We can make unique custom printing jewelry box supplies | special for you.


Jewelry gift boxes shape and dimensions: small cubic jewellery box | plus dome shape at top create modern feeling, that is why it can be called modern jewelry box |. Dome jewelry boxes create curve beauty, plus the straight created by rigid jewelry boxes base, it avoid simple display due to straight, meanwhile, it also reduce too soft image bought by dome jewelry boxes |. shape and dimension are bespoke as per client's specific requirement, so large jewelry packaging box wholesale | is also available.

Earring jewelry boxes Color |: this is black jewelry box |, but pink jewelry box | is also available as color of material can be personalized special for you. 

Application: this personalized jewelry box | can be used as a gift, display jewelry & present jewelry; custom jewelry gift boxes supplies | personalized jewelry display boxes supplies | custom jewelry presentation boxes wholesale | become the alias of this packaging box |. Additionally, according to client's requirement, we can custom made this box to package ring, earring, necklace, bracelet , so ring jewelry box supplies | necklace jewelry box supplies | earring jewelry box wholesale | are available. We are also able to create the style fit to women, men, girls, boys, etc. So personalized jewelry gift boxes for women wholesale | custom mens jewelry gift box supplies | custom jewelry boxes for girls wholesale | custom girls jewelry packaging box supplies | are also be customized.

Added-value: the shape, structure, material selection, production processing, graphic design, model design and so on are custom made as per our original innovative packaging design. 

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