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Custom cosmetic perfume candle boxes packaging design |

  • Min.Order:5000pcs
  • Feature:candle box packaging integrate user friendly concept into luxury perfume candle display. Oblique angle display manner has considered end consumers' eye habit as high respect. 

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Product Details

Custom cosmetic perfume candle boxes packaging design |:


Brand: Pi sustainable packaging company;



Perfume Box Design concept:

luxury perfume packaging boxes display concept, user friendly candle box packaging concept etc have been blended into original innovative cosmetic packaging design. In a result, your fragrance candle not only can stand out of common ones easily, but also make your end consumers feel comfortable to watch your fragrance products. 


Cosmetic packaging boxes structure:

lid and base packaging structure has been applied to round shape cosmetic packaging boxes. Round shape and oblique angle design element are composed of key element to make your end consumers feel comfortable. Most important, these two design element are able to link to the processing that your fantasy fragrance candle release perfume. So that your fragrance candle value and brand value can be enhanced. 


Candle Box Packaging material and craft:

128gsm glossy art paper wrapping over grey board become the best background to achieve eco friendly cosmetic packaging. After consumption of your fragrance candles, eco friendly cosmetic candle box packaging can be almost biodegradable and compostable, and become soil, water, air and return to ecological chain. The strong ecological chain will benefit to the raw material of cosmetic ingredient.Especially, cardboard cosmetic protective packaging tray replacement of plastic blister became another kind action to protect our earth. We can also apply polishing vanish or kraft paper to replace plastic lamination if you don't need glossy effect created by glossy lamination. So that original ecological value inside your perfume can be magnified dramatically. Here is an excellent example of eco friendly cosmetic candle box packaging application of polishing varnishing:

eco friendly cosmetic packaging

Red printing tone is able to build festival happy atmosphere.Moreover, white snow and stars as well as white trees are composed of strong Christmas festival atmosphere. Most important, red background is able to make your green candle be more eye-catching. 


Custom Candle Packaging solutions:

Candle brands are same as persons. If you would like to differ from your competitors, you need to tailor make fashion and beautify your image. Original innovative cosmetic packaging design plus unique candle box packaging shape and structure,eco friendly cosmetic packaging material etc are aiming to enhance your fragrance candle value and build luxury brand image. So that it can stimulate your target clients' purchasing desire. 


Added value:

custom cosmetic packaging made by Pi sustainable packaging company is able to think out of traditional packaging boxes. The functions will not only be cosmetic protection, but also luxury brand image building, enhance your fragrance candle healthy and natural value, win public favor to protect our only one earth, achieve differential competition and comfort your target clients. In a result, you can enjoy long term sales growth steadily. Here is another custom cosmetic packaging which is able to bring added value to your brand and cosmetic:

custom cosmetic packaging

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