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Cosmetic packaging | is the window to sell hope to beauty

2017-08-30 17:25:25

Cosmetic packaging | is the window to sell hope to beauty:


When beauties and ladies or girls would like to buy cosmetic, what do you think they are purchasing? Or what is their real demand? Maybe you will tell me they are purchasing skin care products, face care products, perfume, personal care product etc. This answer is right partly only. In my opinion, what they are purchasing is hope. Their hope is building beautiful image to win love, win respect from their friend circle, workmate circle, relative circle etc. This is their deep demand.


Considering this special demand, cosmetic packaging | should be able to reflect this point. For example, luxury cosmetic packaging | in following picture is able to connect your cosmetic brand image to energy from sky:

cosmetic packaging design

Pyramid shape of cosmetic packaging design | is able to remind your potential clients of mysterious pyramid. Pyramid is able to concentrate high energy from heaven to keep body be healthy. This special design idea connect hope to your brand image immediately.


Here is another one example which is able to bring hope to your end consumers:

eco friendly luxury cosmetic packaging

Bamboo cosmetic packaging boxes | are able to make public audience feel their hope/beauty grow as bamboo join growing. Additionally, thanks to original ecological bamboo application, green and healthy feeling become another key factor to trigger them make purchasing decision. Most important, bamboo cosmetic boxes | also reflect eco friendly cosmetic packaging | design idea and keep luxury cosmetic packaging | display effect.

Sometimes, we are also able to link your cosmetic or serum or perfume to hope in other ways, such as book or called knowledge. Please find the picture of wooden cosmetic packaging boxes | design as below:

luxury eco friendlfy cosmetic packaging

In Chinese culture, books is full filled with knowledge, which is also full filled with hope. A lot of parents always hope their next generations can be diligent to read book and get enough knowledge, so that knowledge is able to change their fate. Book shape wooden cosmetic boxes | are also full filled with hope to build beautiful image for girls/beauties/ladies or men.

That is the reason why we said cosmetic packaging | is the window to sell hope to beauties. Can you feel that? Haha. 

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