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sustainable custom wine product retail buffering packaging

  • Brand Name :Pi sustainable packaging
  • Min.Order:5000pcs
  • Feature:
    Natural & bio packaging concept as well as eco friendly packaging concept dig out the natural value of wine and demonstrate sustainable packaging idea in front of public |. Strong buffering function become the hot trends to replace plastic blister.

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Product Details

sustainable custom wine product retail buffering packaging |:


Custom wine product packaging concept |: Natural & bio product packaging concept | sustainable packaging concept | ecopack idea |. 


Material & production processing: Made of natural plant base fiber, which is 100% biodegradable & compostable, from natural resource and renewable . This point reflect our consideration of earth protection during wine product packaging development |. logo can be embossed to spread your brand identity. Natural plant base fiber color make end-consumers associate the natural value of wine with the natural plant fiber. The natural appearance and eco-friendly character will create great brand image of nature, health, sustainability and earth protection. 


Structure: platform accomodate to shape of wine bottle and wine packaging boxes |. This is one part of our tailor-made service. 


Custom wine product packaging solutions |: Pi sustainable packaging is one of leading wine packaging suppliers |, natural & bio packaging material application, creative structure, color, shape model are custom made as per our original innovative product packaging design |. This is one of successful cases of our custom wine packaging solutions |. 


Application: protective packaging for wine bottle |, showcase the natural value of wine via the natural appearance of wine packaging |, brand promotion and promote market share, boost shoppers strong appeal to pay more for your wine. 


Added value: Our natural & bio concept as well as eco-friendly packaging concept will help you build the great enterprise image for nature, healthy, sustainability and enviromental protection. Our original and innovative packaging design will not only provide model shape design for wine packaging boxes | wine boxes structure design | graphic design | but also model shape design for wine bottle |. This one stop service will reduce your purchase cost and improve your purchase efficiency. 

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