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luxury wine packaging | tell you why Maotai pay so special attention to environmental protection

2016-12-22 09:59:32

luxury wine packaging | tell you why Maotai pay so special attention to environmental protection:


As you knew, Maotai is the top luxury white wine brand all over China. It has grown up as a white wine leader who is able to act as counterweight to western wine brands: such as REMY MARTIN, JOHNNIE WALKER, MARTELL etc. Normally speaking, luxury is their brand tag, from price, to wine display, luxury wine packaging |:

custom luxury wine packaging gift boxes

In the mind of public audience, these luxury famous wine brands always adopted luxury marketing strategic, which can’t consider environmental protection enough. Custom wine packaging boxes | in following picture is an excellent example:

luxury custom wooden wine packaging boxes

In order to achieve luxury wine packaging display, multiple luxury wine packaging materials are adopted: such as non-degradable plastic, piano painting applied to wooden wine packaging boxes |. In a result, the disposal luxury wine packaging gift boxes will pollute our environment, as it will take our earth about 200 years to degrade plastic. After accumulation of pollution created by luxury wine packaging |, our water quality has been decreasing year by year, our air is not so fresh as before, our soil has been becoming more and more infertile.


Do you know what the resource of delicious wine is? Without clear spring water nor fertile soil, can you get high quality grapes or sorghum? Without these essential raw material, are these famous wine brands able to brewing so delicious wine? I think this is the key reason why Maotai paid so special attention to environmental protection. For example, they asked their wine packaging suppliers | to work out eco friendly wine packaging design |, which is achieved by sugarcane:

eco friendly wine packaging

Sugarcane is edible plant base fiber which is considered as fuel raw material during sugar manufacturing before. Nowadays, it becomes the raw material to custom wine packaging boxes |. In a result, the energy and resource consumption of wine packaging boxes | have been reduced. Most important, eco friendly wine packaging | made by sugarcane will be biodegradable and compostable completely, so it will become strong warrior to protect our environment. As Maotai is a leader of wine brand, other wine brands will follow their eco friend wine packaging design concepts |. This action will reduce pollution caused by wine packaging dramatically. The wine brewing raw material: water/grapes/sorghum etc will benefit from our environment improvement.

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