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custom jewelry product packaging gift boxes series

  • Brand Name :Pi sustainable packaging
  • Min.Order:5000pcs
  • Feature:
    original innovative jewelry packaging design integrate Chinese happiness element+Chinese red+Chinese propitious cloud, hollow effect grasp shoppers' favor at first sight. Jewelry product packaging gift boxes sets fit to several jewelry kits. 

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Product Details

custom jewelry product packaging gift boxes series |:



Brand: Pi sustainable packaging |;


Jewelry packaging boxes concept |: luxury jewelry packaging | user friendly packaging concepts for jewelry | original innovative jewelry packaging boxes design | several kinds of existed mold fit for jewelry sets and convenient for jewelry brands. 


Custom jewelry packaging boxes structure |: jewelry boxes lid linked to base and jointed by metal hinge, which create luxury feeling by strong snapping effect. 


Personalized jewellery packaging boxes material and processing |: red flocking is applied to plastic jewelry boxes block |,  jointed by plastic hinge and strong snapping is a luxury element to upgrade your jewelry to deluxe level. Jewelry packaging boxes inner trays are made of red flocking fabric and can be custom made to fit to different jewelry. This jewelry packaging boxes set include ring jewelry boxes | 

double ring jewelry packaging boxes |

 bangle jewelry gift boxes | bracelet jewellery boxes | 

necklace jewelry packaging boxes |. 

When we change the inner tray, then these jewelry packaging boxes block can become packaging boxes for other jewelry items |. 


Custom jewelry packaging solutions |: This jewelry packaging gift boxes set is one of our custom jewelry packaging solutions |, which we integrated our own original innovative jewellery packaging design | luxury jewelry packaging concept | into custom jewelry product packaging |. We designed this jewelry packaging gift boxes set fit to ring, double ring, bracelet, bangle, necklace,pendant and so on. So that all jewelry items can be packaging in the same jewelry packaging boxes style and keep brand identity consistency. The jewelry packaging boxes material | the hollow pattern on jewelry packaging boxes | color of jewellery boxes | jewelry packaging boxes structure | dimensions/shape and so on all can be bespoke as per your special demand. 


Application: more than protect jewelry from damage during transportation, jewelry packaging boxes will display your jewelry luxury and play the role of free sales man at sales spot to trigger your target audience to purchase your jewelry. Jewelry packaging gift boxes are also the carrier body of brand culture/brand identity broadcasting, and emotional communication bridge between your target clients and your jewelry/jewelry brand/jewelry companies. 


Added value: Pi sustainable packaging is a leading custom jewelry packaging boxes suppliers in China |, who integrated our own original innovative jewelry packaging design | luxury jewelry packaging concept | user friendly jewelry packaging concept | custom jewelry packaging solutions | into jewelry packaging |. Our jewelry packaging boxes set make it convenient to packaging all related jewelry items in same jewelry packaging boxes style | and will help you build the brand identity consistency. Our one stop service for jewelry packaging will also offer you jewelry packaging display, not only jewelry packaging boxes |. Our original innovative jewelry packaging design and custom jewelry packaging solutions will make your jewelry different from your competitors and attract more target audience to learn more detail about your jewelry and company closely. 

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