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compostable plain unfinished wooden eco food packaging boxes wholesale

  • Brand Name :Pi sustainable packaging
  • Min.Order:10000pcs
  • Feature:
    Natural & bio concept, 100% biodegradable & compostable, natural appearance enhance the natural, health, food safe value of your gourmet/brand/enterprise. 

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Product Details

compostable plain unfinished wooden eco food packaging boxes wholesale |:


Custom food packaging concept |: natural & bio product packaging idea | ecopack concept | sustainable packaging concept |. 


Material and production processing: the eco food packaging boxes with lids are made of natural wooden sheet. Natural appearance convince consumers of food safe, natural quality of your gourmet. Logo can be engraved by laser on surface of lid or bottom. Color,shape, dimensions can be personalized and make your gourmet stand out of familiar ones and popularize your brand identity.


Structure: Lid & base structure, the gourmet will be displayed in front of consumers after lid is open. 


Character: waterproofing and grease proof; non-microwaveable;100% biodegradable and compostable; eco-friendly, resistant temperature: -15-100℃; food safe certificated.


Add value: Pi sustainable packaging creatively blends natural & bio concept | eco-friendly packaging concept | sustainable packaging | into food packaging boxes | meal boxes | lunch boxes |. So that we help you embed the tag of food safety, nature, health, hygiene, eco-friendly into your enterprise/brand image. Our original innovative packaging design will make your gourmet different from your competitors and make consumers feel comfortable. 

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