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bamboo eco friendly cosmetic packaging containers supplies

  • Original Region :China
  • Min.Order:1000 sets
  • Feature:cosmetic packaging cases are custom made of natural bamboo |, so that we achieve not only eco friendly cosmetic packaging | effect, but also make luxury cosmetic packaging come true.

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Product Details
bamboo eco friendly cosmetic packaging containers supplies |:

Brand: Pi sustainable packaging company |;
MOQ: 1000pcs;

Cosmetic packaging design concept: we embedded eco-friendly cosmetic packaging | sustainable cosmetic packaging | luxury cosmetic packaging | into custom beauty packaging case |. This innovative cosmetic packaging design for gift boxes will endue natural and healthful soul of your loose powder and skin care content. The following cosmetic packaging design is also inspired by natural idea:
cosmetic packaging design

Custom beauty packaging case material and craft: natural bamboo is the luxury and natural blood flowing inside of beauty packaging boxes |. The original ecological bamboo texture on beauty packaging cases is unique, any both beauty packaging boxes which are custom made of natural bamboo can't be exactly same due to unique bamboo texture. unique bamboo texture provide an excellent opportunity with your beauty packaging containers end consumers to enjoy more respect than limited edition. Additionally, we are able to custom printed or engrave your logo or elegant patterns on beauty packaging gift boxes with lids |. So that your brand identity recognization will be broadcasted more widely. Magnet play important role of luxury beauty packaging gift boxes display, it bring strong snapping feeling and bang sounds which both increase luxury scores of your beauty brand. Glass is set inside of beauty case lids, which reflect user convenient concept. When beauties makeup via loose powder or skin care contents, they are able to watch the beautiful effect via this glass. Finally, bamboo is another luxury beauty packaging material except for wooden |, as bamboo beauty packaging containers can be trimmed into super rigid shape, rigid beauty gift boxes are always considered as key element to compose luxury beauty packaging containers |. 

Bespoke skin care packaging structure |: skin care packaging boxes adopt lid linked to base, magnet play the key role of closure system. When we bespoke skin care packaging cases |, we also reserve a finger tab on skin care packaging gift boxes lids |, which reflect user friendly packaging concepts again.

custom makeup packaging boxes solutions |: The dimensions/shape/structure and so on of makeup packaging boxes can all be custom made |. We integrated vogue element/cosmetic packaging design | marketing and branding into custom packaging solutions for your makeup organically. our custom makeup packaging solutions are worked out as per your specific demand, aim to enhance your sales point and makeup value as well as brand value/building luxury and natural makeup brand. 

Value added: Pi sustainable packaging company is a leading luxury packaging and eco friendly packaging suppliers for cosmetic | personal care products, beauty products, skin care, fragrance or perfume and so on. Our feature which is different from other cosmetic packaging suppliers is we are able to provide custom cosmetic packaging solutions free with you. Our original innovative cosmetic packaging design for gift boxes and cosmetic bottles or jars or containers is also free subject to your mass production order confirmation. We are not only a luxury cosmetic packaging manufacturers and sustainable packaging factories for cosmetic |, but also set building proper brand image for your cosmetic/beauty/skin care/perfume as our ultimate goal. So that the proper brand image building will boost your sales volume grow steadily and sustainable. Our cosmetic packaging supplies have combined innovative element, vogue element, customization element together organically, which aim to lever your cosmetic value and your brand value. 

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