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Wine packaging | tell you how to buy wine in super market without cashier

2017-07-14 10:53:29

Wine packaging | tell you how to buy wine in super market without cashier?


Recently, along with artificial intelligent technology development, some famous groups have launched stores/super market without cashiers nor promotional workers. Do you know the advantage of stores or super market without cashiers?


Today, wine boxes | team from Pi sustainable packaging company will tell you more detail. The operation idea of stores without cashiers is the consumers can take goods and exit stores without queueing for paying. When consumers enter entrance of stores, their identity and payment system have been seized by stores’ system, after their shopping and exit stores doors, stores payment system are able to scan which kinds of goods the end consumers buy and receive the payment from their electronic wallet automatically. Another advantage is end consumers are allowed to buy products via internet shown on shelf in stores without cashiers. After that, the courier will deliver the goods selected by end consumers at stores.


Most important, in the future, when you would like to treat some friends and don’t know which kind of wine your friends prefer to, you can ask wine shelf to recommend which kind of wine your friends prefer to. For example, you can ask shelf your friend prefer to Martell as following luxury wine packaging | picture:

luxury wine packaging

Or Johnnie Walker blue label as following personalized wine boxes |:

custom wine packaging

Or Hennessy wooden wine boxes | as below images:

luxury wooden wine packaging boxes

Of cause, so convenient shopping service is based on that your friends are willing to expose their consuming behavior data publicly. So that artificial intelligent of shelf is able to seize their wine preference. This kind of humanized service will improve your guests’ satisfaction. Meanwhile, it is much more convenient for stores without cashiers to manage their stores: which kind of wine they need to purchase, which kind of wine are more popular and which kind of wine should be deleted from their shelf due to none of their consumers purchase. 

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