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Watch packaging | tell you why your clients can accept so cheap price to buy your watch.

2018-01-30 16:58:38

Watch packaging | tell you why your clients can accept so cheap price to buy your watch.


As per the theories of Harvard marketing professor, when your end consumers decide to purchase your commercial goods, they all aim to finish one of their own jobs to be done. Each one of their task have different dimensions from functions, emotional to social classic. That means different commodities contain different functions value, different emotional value, different social value. Among of these three different values, when the functional value is higher, then their end consumers will pursue higher cost performance. However, when the social classic value or emotional value is higher, then your end consumers can accept much higher price more easily, meanwhile, they will not so concerning on the functions of your commodity.


For example, if your watch is luxury watch which is able to help your end consumers build royal figure among of their social circle, that means royal figure will promote their business or politic purchase, then your end consumers are willing to pay much much more money to buy your watch. At this moment, they will not so concern on your watch functional value. Of cause, your watch quality should be able to convince them and their audience of that your end consumers belong to royal classic. Watch packaging| shown on following picture is an excellent case.

watch packaging

In fact, the watch packaging inside luxury watch packaging | is not so luxury, however, Audi is a super royal auto car brand, which is the royal symbol. When you wear an Audi watch, that means you own an Audi car. So your friend circle/social circle will position you as high end classic. So that they dare not to look down you and are willing to provide you with better offer. This is part contribution of custom watch packaging | to create luxury image for watch brand tooJ.

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