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Watch packaging | look Chinese auto brands to future increase

2018-03-29 11:35:28

Watch packaging | look Chinese auto brands to future increase:


As you knew, nowadays, automobile market was still occupied by western countries and American countries. I believe most of you can list out a lot of famous automobile brands from western and North American countries: such as BENZ, BMW, AUDI, PORSCHE etc. Why they are able to be so famous all over the world, I think that depends on their reliable quality.


I am not a professor of automobile. However, from watch packaging | selected by Audi automobile as promotional gift as following picture:

watch packaging

We can feel reliable and high quality presented by luxury watch packaging |. The reliable and luxury feeling will transfer to Audi automobile. As per the above watch packaging boxes |, super rigid shape and heavy feeling transfer luxury and reliable automobile production quality. Due to rigid and straight angle application, custom watch packaging boxes | lay on table very stable, it looks like Audi automobile run stable and keep the drivers run comfortable.


On the other hand, why would we still like look Chinese automobile brands to future increase? First of all, in the first phase of US-China trading war, US listed automobile into anti-dumping tax scope, especial for new energy automobile. Even though US consider Chinese new energy automobile as their first competition goal to control. Secondly, do you know a Chinese automobile brand who is called Geely? Geely is not famous at all all over the world. However, Geely was able to acquire VOLVO automobile before. Most important, after acquisition, VOLVO has gained strongly increasing in sales all over the world. Their market occupying rate has been increasing and brand reliable and awareness have also gained higher score these years. Along with Chinese government and enterprises have been increasing the investment in automatic driving as well as new energy automobile, I believe Chinese automobile brands have the huge potential capability to exceed western and American automobile brands in the soon future. Maybe you have seen that news: Geely owner has become the biggest shareholder of Benz.

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