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Watch packaging boxes are able to reveal the moral quality of super stars

2018-08-31 21:27:07

As you knew, the income of super stars are always super high along with their popular level. When this super movie or singing star is very very popular, that means his or her income earned from advertisement or coming on the stage will be much higher than common ones. In order to present their social grade or income level, these famous super stars always would like to drive super luxury cars, living in villas near green mountains or blue sea beach, wearing luxury watches etc. Maybe you have heard that one of female stars wore a super luxury mechanical watch whose retailing price has reached one million Chinese dollars. This one only belong to the low and middle level. Some of their watch has reached about 10 million Chinese dollars. Maybe some of poor farmers are not able to make so much money for their whole lifecycle.


What is more: when some young boys purchased luxury watches, their purpose is aim to win their girlfriends’ favor during dating. However, as you knew, normally speaking, young boys’ income belong to low-middle, they are not able to afford so luxury watch. When their girlfriends ask them about some questions about the feature of their luxury watch, they always did not have enough knowledge about their luxury watch to answer her. They are only able to tell their girlfriends that they have so much money to purchase so expensive watch. Of cause, as watch packaging suppliers, we have to thanks to this part of watch consumers, without their demand, our luxury watch packaging boxes as following picture can not become so popular:

watch packaging boxes

However, we still would like to share the personal secret about Super movie star: Louis Koo, whose income is much much more than young boys. His watch is only several thousands HongKong dollars. Maybe you would like to ask me where his money is going. Most of his income are donated to build hope schools. The Hope schools number which he donate d has reach more than 100 sets all over of China. So far, are you able to realize Louis Koo’s moral quality?

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