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V&R custom luxe cosmetic pearl paper packaging design boxes| (Clamshell structure)

  • Brand Name :V&R
  • Min.Order:5000pcs
  • Feature:
    clamshell structure and original innovative cosmetic packaging design build the prestigious brand and promote cosmetic value & sales.

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Product Details

V&R custom luxe cosmetic pearl paper packaging design boxes | (Clamshell structure):


Cosmetic packaging concept |: original innovative cosmetic product packaging design concept display | luxury cosmetic product packaging concept display |.


Material & product craft: pearl paper printed sparkling V&R logo create the whitening and brightening effect. The whitening & brightening effect will also let customers associate it with the functions of cosmetic content. Black plastic marked V&R logo make brand identity recognize easily. Platform made of cardboard +blister bring the vogue and neat elements to cosmetic. Closure system is made of classy black cloth. All the agreeable design, material concept and elegant handmade craft drive shoppers strong purchasing appeal. 


Cosmetic packaging boxes structure |: This structure show you the charm of original innovative packaging design: clamshell structure. it simulates that the natural sea shell contain the pearl in the mouth. Display the cosmetics product similar to natural sea shell way. This display method enhance the natural and health value of cosmetics. 


Custom cosmetic packaging solution |: The creative luxe cosmetic paper boxes display what custom packaging solution is able to do for cosmetic companies. All material concept, structure, printing & post printing craft are personalized to serve the design idea of natural & bio concept, whitening & brightening effect and luxe quality association with cosmetic content. 


Application: Prestige brand demonstration, make your cosmetic stand-out from crowd and appreciate, promote cosmetic sales, improve purchasing experience and increase the wow & exciting elements to shopping. 


Additional value: Pi sustainable packaging is leading luxury cosmetic packaging gift boxes suppliers |, we blend natural & bio concept, our original innovative cosmetic packaging design, model shape design, graphic design and so on into your prestige cosmetic product packaging. We take all the factors into account during product packaging development: brand identity recognizable, agreeable design tailor to feminine market taste, luxury presentation, cosmetic protection during transportation, user-convenient through the whole product life cycle etc. 

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