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Sustainable electronic packaging boxes for hard disk

  • Brand Name :Pi sustainable packaging
  • Min.Order:50000pcs
  • Feature:
    sustainable electronic packaging box is made of renewable material/recycle material.Creative clamshell structure protect hard disk in good condition. Eco-friendly enterprise image is demonstrated in front of public market via your product packaging. 

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Product Details

Sustainable electronic packaging boxes for hard disk |:


Custom electronic product packaging concept |: sustainable product packaging concept display | original innovative product packaging design concept display |. 


Material & production processing: renewable & recycle paper pulp help you build the eco friendly image for your brand and enterprise, Meanwhile, protect your disk in dry and good condition. Your brand/logo can be embossed on the surface of the eco packaging boxes to promote your brand. Natural pulp color is also one of sustainable element to display your products in natural way. 


Structure: Original innovative electronic product packaging structure| simulate clamshell to contain the hard disk in the mouth. So that your electronic products can be display in smart and natural way. Strong buffer structure will keep your disk in good condition. 


Custom electronic product packaging solution |: This is one case of our custom product packaging solutions for electronic client. It belong to ecopack |. Material selection, production processing, shape, color and so on are bespoke. 


Application: The electronic packaging boxes are not only protect your electronic product from damage during transportation, but also become the eco friendly name card to display your brand/product/enterprise. The recycle pulp is from natural resource, renewable. Additionally, it is 100% biodegradable & compostable. creative and sustainable display manner will drive shoppers appeal to buy your disk and willing to pay more due to earth protection idea. 


Value-added: Our custom electronic product packaging solution will bring you the eco-friendly packaging concept | sustainable packaging | original innovative product packaging design |. SO that we make your electronic product stand out from fierce marketing competition. 

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