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Perfume packaging boxes design can call up love stories memory of consumers

2018-08-21 15:34:30

If you are a perfume lovers, maybe you have noticed that most of perfume brands have a passion for original innovative design, including their perfume bottles,perfume packaging boxes, perfume ingredients, perfume booths or stores decoration style, perfume display design etc. The final marketing effect what they would like to achieve is link their perfume to strong emotional bridge inside deep memory of their target public audience. If you are attentive enough, maybe you can also notice that most of perfume lovers are also very interested in stocking up elegant perfume bottles, luxury perfume packaging boxes. After they have run out of perfume inside these packaging articles, they are still not willing to dispose their perfume packaging design.


Do you know the reasons why you can find the above phenomenon? As per some professional marketing analysis, the reasons why perfume fans purchase luxury perfume is they would like to occupy the innovative perfume bottles or perfume packaging boxes design, not all because they are interested in the perfume. It is strange that some of them keep it as memory as these perfume boxes design is able to call up their love stories memory. For instance, some perfumery fans have be travelling to Egyptian Pyramid and finalized their love relationship. When they are encountering the perfume packaging design as following picture:

perfume packaging boxes design

They will not hesitate to pay money to purchase the perfume even though the perfume retail price is more expensive than their competitive perfumes. In fact, every one of our original innovative perfume boxes design is always containing a fantasy love story, in a result, when the fantasy love story clash with that one inside the deep mind of your potential clients, they will lead a strong emotional resonance and trigger them make purchasing decision at sales spot.

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