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Pen packaging | reveal why Trump feel so difficult to draw industrial production jobs back to US

2017-07-28 10:19:07

Pen packaging | reveal why Trump feel so difficult to draw industrial production jobs back to US:


Recently, Trump has signed another one president order which aim to draw industrial production jobs back to US. However, when he was signing his presidential order, sensitive journalist noticed that his pen is also made other countries instead of American factories. Same does his daughter’s vogue brand.


As you knew, American people have owned a lot of famous pen brands, such as Parker, waterman etc. But their pens are produced in China, luxury pen packaging | are also customized in China as below:

luxury pen packaging boxes

Do you know the reason why Trump encounter so big difficulties to draw industrial production back to America? First of all, American economic has been living in financial and high technology as well as brand marketing and operation for a long long time. Their industrial production workers have been laid off many years. Their industrial supply chain has been broken and it is very difficult for them to re-build a completed industrial supply chain. Secondly, industrial production additional value is not high enough to bear American economic running cost any more. Their economic operation cost allow them to occupy the high end value in supply chain: such as brand operation and marketing, Researching and development, high technology, internet, financial industry etc.


Do you know why Chinese economic is still able to bear industry of custom pen packaging |? From original innovative pen packaging design |, material selection to Research and development of pen packaging boxes | as well as mass production, it involves multiple material, multiple industries and categories, which require a complete supply chain. China economic is the best resouces of pen packaging supplies | so far. In order to achieve luxury pen display effect, rich experience pen packaging | engineering and workers are able to make it come true in a most cost effective way all over the world. Meanwhile, they are also able to work out original innovative pen packaging design | and achieve eco friendly packaging effect:

pen packaging

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