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Original innovative custom luxury packaging gift boxes design for cosmetic packaging and jewelry packaging and chocolate packaging

  • Brand Name :Pi sustainable packaging
  • Min.Order:5000pcs
  • Feature:original innovative product packaging design have taken luxury display, convenient for display and storage, sustainable packaging | eco friendly packaging concept into consideration. 

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Product Details
Original innovative custom luxury packaging gift boxes design for cosmetic and jewelry and chocolate |:

Brand: Pi sustainable packaging company |;
MOQ: 5000pcs;

Packaging design concept |: luxury and creative packaging design are presented by tetrahedron model shape, sustainable packaging concept is achieved by integration of multiple cosmetic and jewelry and chocolate packaging gift boxes design functions |. 

Gift boxes structure |: The innovative gift boxes structure adopt tetrahedron shape, which allow you to display your products in multiple directions and attract more eyes from more directions. The innovation of such custom luxury packaging gift boxes design lies on assembling function. When we pop-up custom gift boxes |, it will be as luxury as rigid gift boxes |, at the sales spot, we can open one face of the tetrahedron shape and your potential buyers can detect your products via the open triangle. Brands and store will not need to purchase the display tool to display your cosmetics/jewelry/chocolate and so on, as our luxury cosmetic and jewelry and chocolate packaging gift boxes design have integrated the display functions into the packaging boxes already. This innovative cosmetic packaging gift boxes design reflect sustainable packaging concepts | as multiple cosmetic packaging boxes functions have been achieved by so unique elegant personalized luxury cosmetic packaging boxes design |. 

During transportation, we can disassemble custom luxury cosmetic packaging gift boxes | to be flat packing, so the transportation space will be shrunk dramatically, transportation fee can be saved. transportation energy consumption can be reduced too. So that we attach low energy consumption tag to your brand image. 
Original innovative custom luxury packaging gift boxes design for cosmetic and jewelry and chocolate

This is an excellent example to achieve luxury packaging by sustainable packaging and eco friendly packaging concepts |.

Luxury packaging gift boxes material and craft |: luxury packaging gift boxes design are created by the champagne pearl paper with diamond shadow. Your logo and other marketing and product message can be custom printed on this pearl paper, so that your brand identity can be broadcasted widely along with your products sales. Inside of luxury packaging paper |, recycle grey board are applied to the luxury chocolate packaging gift boxes design. So that the whole custom luxury chocolate and cosmetic and jewellery packaging gift boxes | are 100 percent biodegradable and compostable |, your company and brand will win the favor of your generation thanks to eco friendly packaging and sustainable packaging concepts application |. Inside of the collapsible luxury packaging gift boxes |, we can also create the proper inner platform tailored to your products. This point reflect the advantage of custom packaging solutions |. 

All the material, shape, structure, dimensions, printing and post printing craft etc can all be bespoke as per your specific demand. 

Application: Since the shape/dimensions/material/protective packaging/printing and post printing etc can be personalized as per your specific demand, this original innovative custom made luxury packaging gift boxes design can be considered as luxury cosmetic packaging boxes | luxury jewelry packaging boxes | elegant chocolate and candy packaging boxes | luxury custom  electronic cell phone packaging boxes | luxury pen packaging boxes | and so on.

Added value: Pi sustainable packaging company is a leading product packaging company thanks to our original innovative packaging design | luxury packaging | sustainable packaging | eco friendly packaging | food safe packaging | user friendly packaging | concise packaging concepts integration. Our original innovative packaging design include graphic design and model shape design for cosmetic packaging containers and jars and bottles | wine bottles and so on, but also luxury packaging gift boxes structure design |. The close cooperation and communication between our packaging engineers and designers as well as our packaging gift boxes supplies | will improve your purchasing efficiency and reduce the mistake occur during custom made your product packaging gift boxes development and researching. 

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