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Luxury jewelry packaging improvement was driven by luxury pursuing of royal family partly

2018-09-03 20:51:47

Recently, there was a famous serial drama which has been broadcasting all over China hotter and hotter. This soap opera is called Yangxi Gonglie. Maybe most of audience have been moved by the super luxury jewelry worn by royal family, not only super precious material, but also exquisite jewelry processing craft. Partly speaking, some professors said that the human being history progress was driven by blood and tear, the luxury enjoying by royal family has been becoming the initial power to improve aesthetic appreciation and art. Thanks to royal family’s eager pursuing of luxury items, then elegant and deluxe jewelry have been generating step by step.


Along with the generation of luxury jewelry, luxury jewelry packaging became essential. As an ancient saying: the social class of servant will vary matching with their master. When your luxury jewelry aim to sell to royal family or billionaire, you have to custom jewelry packaging to match with the royal family jewelry status. For example, in order to achieve luxury display, precious diamond element has been integrated into following luxury jewelry packaging boxes:

luxury jewelry packaging

This is not enough. From the above picture, you can find precious gold element became another element to present luxury jewelry. Of cause, there are various characters in royal family, which is similar as our common people. Some of royal family members also prefer to pursue natural and simple design style. Luxury jewelry packaging in following picture is generated in such special background:

luxury jewelry packaging

Although the appearance looks natural and simple thanks to natural and original ecological jewelry packaging boxes material application: flax fiber, the design idea and style present natural and real love which is shown by love heart shape custom jewelry boxes.

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