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Luxury cosmetic packaging boxes |

  • Min.Order:5000pcs
  • Feature:luxury cosmetic packaging boxes are custom made of eco friendly cosmetic packaging material | magnify natural effect and upgrade your cosmetic brand to luxury level. 

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Product Details

Luxury cosmetic packaging boxes |


MOQ: 5000pcs;



Custom cosmetic packaging concept |: luxury cosmetic packaging | eco-friendly cosmetic packaging | sustainable cosmetic packaging | user-friendly concepts integration.


Bespoke cosmetic packaging material and craft application |: fancy paper which simulate lichee skin play key role of the natural and luxury image ambassador to help you build luxury brand image, as well as responsible enterprise image thanks to eco friendly cosmetic packaging | concept application, which is same cosmetic packaging design style as eco friendly cosmetic packaging for Jo MALONE |:

eco friendly cosmetic paper gift packaging boxes supplies |

Rigid recycle grey board reflect your environmental protective effort again, meanwhile, grey board is also a best luxury cosmetic packaging gift boxes material choice due to its great mechanical characters. Black cosmetic protective packaging platform protect your cosmetic jars and brush from damage and hold them at same position during transportation. This black cosmetic protective packaging tray is also a main trend to replace plastic blister, since this cosmetic protective tray is made of recycle paper, comparison with plastic blister which can't be biodegradable and compostable, it became more and more popular and attract more and more cosmetic packaging consumers to select it. Logo is silver stamping on front side of cosmetic packaging gift boxes lid |, silver logo plus white fancy paper as background will not only remind your potential clients of the whitening and beautifying function of your cosmetic, but also broadcast your brand identity. When the end-consumers open elegant cosmetic packaging gift boxes lid |, slogan printed in black appear inside of cosmetic gift boxes lid |, it promote your company and brand again. 


Personalized cosmetic packaging boxes structure |: adopt traditional lid and base structure. Meanwhile, we also reserve a conversed "V" shape on lid of cosmetic packaging gift boxes |, so that your end consumers can easily open your luxury cosmetic packaging boxes |. This innovative cosmetic packaging design reflect user friendly concept. Comparison with a finger tab, it not only make your cosmetic gift boxes look more luxury |, but also more convenient for consumers to open your luxury cosmetic packaging boxes |. 


Luxury cosmetic packaging | solutions: luxury cosmetic packaging solutions are always achieved by luxury cosmetic packaging material. Pi sustainable packaging company creatively achieve luxury cosmetic packaging effect by sustainable and eco friendly cosmetic packaging material |, such as recycle black card tray/Lichee fancy paper without lamination/recycle grey board/silver foil stamping etc.


Application: luxury cosmetic packaging upgrade your brand to luxe level and make your potential clients be willing to pay more for your cosmetic, eco friendly cosmetic packaging help you build responsible enterprise image of environmental protection. shiny silver logo improve your brand exposure rate. 


Additional value: Pi sustainable packaging company is a leading luxury cosmetic packaging suppliers | in China, who offer one stop service to our valuable clients network. Our one stop service cover model shape design for cosmetic packaging containers or jars | cosmetic packaging boxes | etc, graphic design/ multiple custom cosmetic packaging concepts | multiple luxury cosmetic packaging material selection | custom cosmetic packaging solutions | and so on. So that we improve your purchasing efficiency and reduce your purchasing cost. Meanwhile, our innovative cosmetic packaging design | will differ your cosmetic and brand from your competitors. 

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