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Johnnie walker gold label personalized wine bottle gift boxes for sale

  • Brand Name :Johnie walker
  • Min.Order:5000pcs
  • Feature:luxury wine packaging boxes | mix multiple wine packaging material, golden foil paper applied to wine gift boxes upgrade your wine brand to luxury level. 

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Product Details
Johnnie walker gold label personalized wine bottle gift boxes for sale |:

Material and production processing: special golden foil paper as background reflect the Johnie walker gold label's special gold color. At the bottom of this paper wine boxes |,Johnie walker's logo has been shining by spot UV. So that brand identity exposure rate can be broadened widely along with your wine sales. 

Packaging box structure: Lid & base structure. Lid made of plastic upgrade the high quality of wine bottle presentation packaging boxes | and the fitness of lid & base will be more accurate. Multiple wine packaging boxes material application is the advantage of Pi sustainable packaging company. Multiple material application will not only improve the structure fitness, but also increase the luxury score of personalized wine boxes |. 

Application: luxury wine presentation box |, wine bottle protective packaging |,beautify product packaging | to promote the marketing share. Original & innovative wine packaging design | will make your wine jump up from shelf and different from your competitors. 

Custom wine packaging solution: This wine box is one case of our luxury packaging solution. Material, shape, structure, printing, production processing are bespoke as per original innovative packaging design. 

Added value: Pi sustainable packaging co., Ltd is a professional luxury wine packaging presentation boxes supplies company, who integrate multiple wine packaging materials | custom wine packaging boxes solution | original innovative wine packaging gift boxes design | luxury wine packaging display | into wine packaging |. Our one stop wine packaging service will cover model shape design for wine bottles as well as structure design for wine gift boxes |, but also include graphic design for wine bottle label and personalized wine packaging gift boxes |. So that the misunderstanding between your wine packaging design companies and your wine packaging boxes suppliers can be reduced dramatically, the purchasing efficiency can also be improved too, and you can save much more time and effort and money to purchase your wine packaging |. 

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