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Jewelry packaging | tell you why Chinese government dare to play key role in Paris climate agreement

2017-07-25 20:06:19

Jewelry packaging | tell you why Chinese government dare to play key role in Paris climate agreement:


Recently, Trump has announced that USA would like to withdraw from Paris climate agreement which was signed by Obama last year. However, Chinese government still would like to stay in this family and dare to play key role. Do you feel confused?


Let’s show you some data first. First of all, as per the annual year report of international renewable energy organization, there are 2.5 million Chinese workers who work in solar energy industry. On the contrary, the data is only 0.26 million solar energy workers in America. Now, coal still plays key role of energy in Chinese energy frame. However, Chinese government still decide to limit coal industry. As Chinese government plan, they plan to reduce 1.3 million job after reduction production capacity of coal industry. Based on such huge job press, Chinese government plan to invest 2.5 trillion RMB in renewable energy industry till 2020. Now, there are 3.5 million workers who have been serving in renewable energy industry in China. As per prediction, it will increase to 10 million renewable energy workers till 2020. So even though we need to face 1.3 million job losing during reduction of coal production capacity, we can gain much more jobs from renewable energy. Most important, our next generation can breathe fresh air, drink clean and sweet water, enjoy green mountain, etc.


Learning from Chinese government responsible action to international society, jewelry packaging | team from Pi sustainable packaging company has been launching original innovative jewelry packaging design |, such as wooden jewelry boxes | as below:

original wooden jewelry packaging boxes design

In a result, luxury jewelry value can be enhance by luxury jewelry packaging |, meanwhile, all custom jewelry packaging boxes | material are eco friendly packaging material which can biodegradable and composable after disposal. Most important, original ecological wooden appearance will also imply your end consumers of natural and rare value inside your jewelry/diamond/pearl etc. On the other hand, they can also be moved by your hard effort to protect our earth even though luxury jewelry display is your essential task. 

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