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Jewelry packaging | report US and China trading war

2018-03-23 17:46:35

Jewelry packaging | report US and China trading war:


As news report, United State of America president: Donald Trump has just signed presidential proclamation, which will charge about 25% imported tax on some Chinese products, such as communication products, electronic appliance, high-tech products etc. The total amount involved into this additional imported tax will reach about 60 billion USD this time. After that 3 key index of US have experiencing down turning immediately. A lot of capital prefer to buy gold which was considered as the best risk-averse tool.


Based on such emergent conditions, maybe a lot of Chinese aunts are planning to purchase much much more gold, or precious metals or jewelry or diamond jewelry or luxury watch etc. If so, jewelry packaging | can benefit from the first phase of US-China trading warJ Do you know why haha? As gold was always considered as the first choice to avoid risk all the time, then jewelry which are made of gold or platinum or diamond will be considered as the first choice to keep their money be same value. As you knew, in order to convince the gold or jewelry buyers of what they are purchasing are super precious, luxury jewelry packaging | became a must marketing tool. Jewelry packaging boxes | in following picture is an excellent example:

jewelry packaging

Custom jewelry packaging boxes design | on above picture is able to lead a lot of Chinese aunts into interesting part of gold or diamond ringJ so that they tend to purchase your luxury jewelry at more expensive price. On the other hand, custom jewelry boxes | are able to make your jewelry appreciate. Additionally, bamboo jewelry boxes | in following image are another great example:

custom jewelry boxes

Bamboo jewelry packaging boxes | will not only lead them to interesting part of jewelry, but will also lead their soul to travel fantasy bamboo forest, breath fresh bamboo air, watching clean water around bamboo forest and green mountain made of bamboo forestJ

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