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FLO prestige collapsible paper food packaging lunch boxes supplies

  • Brand Name :Room saveurs
  • Min.Order:5000pcs
  • Feature:collapsible structure save transportation cost and respect user-friendly trends highly. But gourmet can be demonstrated in luxury way. 

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Product Details

FLO prestige collapsible paper food packaging lunch boxes supplies |:


Custom food product packaging concept |: user-friendly packaging concept | original innovative food packaging design concept | collapsible structure allows flat packing but luxury display. 


Material & production processing: 157 gsm art paper wrapping over recycle grey board, matt lamination make the lunch boxes look classy. Purple tone bring royal element to your gourmet and make gourmet favors feel respected strongly. White reserved out of purple background applied to logo, so that prestigious brand was emphasized and recognizable easily. 


Structure: collapsible food packaging structure make it happen that flat packing come true but luxury display after assembling. Magnet as closure system increase the luxury close feeling. Creative luxury food packaging boxes structure inspire the customers's strong appeal to buy your lunch. When the lunch boxes are unfold |, it become the lunch placemat. Multiple function will not only promote your gourmet to luxury level, but also help you save a lot of cost in transportation, working efficiency, tableware and so on.


Custom food product packaging solution |: this is one successful example of our original innovative food product packaging boxes design |. creative elegant lunch packaging boxes structure | material selection | and so on are customizable. 


Application: gourmet display in luxury way, user-friendly concept improve the working efficiency of packing in kitchen, save transportation cost because of the collapsible structure, drive your customers appeal to buy your gourmet due to our original innovative food packaging boxes design, make customers willing to pay more for your lunch, gourmet marketing and promotion, gourmet protective packaging box prevent meal from pollution. Multiple functions of luxury display, lunch placemat, flat packing are very convenient for end-consumers,catering service,transportation. 


Added-value: Our original innovative food product packaging design will offer you not only graphic design, but also model shape design and packaging structure design. Our one stop service will also offer you the eco friendly tableware and reduce your purchasing cost, improve your purchasing efficiency.

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