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Engraved wooden men jewelry packaging gift boxes

  • Original Region :China
  • Min.Order:1000 sets
  • Feature:original solid wooden jewelry gift boxes are engraving elegant patterns. Luxury jewelry packaging boxes display effect is achieved by rigid wooden boxes character. 

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Product Details
Engraved wooden men jewelry packaging gift boxes |:

Brand: Pi sustainable packaging company;

Personalised jewelry packaging idea: Pi sustainable packaging company magically achieve personalised luxury jewelry packaging gift boxes demonstration via our sustainable packaging concept partly: natural wooden. Especially, our jewelry packaging design and engineering team insist on luxury demonstration by original and organic wooden texture. original wooden texture is a rare element to make luxury jewelry packaging gift boxes be more attractive for men |, as men are always pursuing something unique and personalised. Unique wooden girls ring jewelry packaging display boxes | in following pictures is inspired in similar jewelry packaging design concept:
unique wooden girls ring jewelry packaging display boxes
Bespoke jewellery packaging boxes structure: jewellery gift boxes select lid linked to base by strong metal hinge. loud snapping sounds and strong snapping feeling enhance luxury jewelry value created by wooden packaging boxes |, the luxury feeling is generated by strong strength of metal hinge. similar wooden jewellery packaging boxes which adopt similar metal hinge is shown in following pictures:
wooden jewellery packaging boxes
Custom jewelry packaging boxes material and handmade craft: Original ecological wooden texturing make your men jewelry packaging boxes differ from each other, as you are not able to find two wooden jewelry boxes in exactly same wood texturing. This kind of luxury element make your end consumer enjoy more respect than limited edition. The engraving pattern in middle of wooden jewelry boxes for men hook your potential shoppers' curiousity. Most important, based on square and rigid shape of wooden jewelry gift boxes |, round and curve are applied to engraving craft, so that aethestic appearance become more affective tone and avoid too simple display. Inside men jewelry packaging boxes |, soft EVA inner tray is flocking, this special design touch men's soft heart thanks to careful protection for their bracelet. 
Custom jewelry packaging solutions: Not only material/shape/dimensions can be custom made, we are also able to engrave your logo or your innovative pattern on wooden men jewelry boxes to show your personalised style. 
Application: upgrade jewelry level, promot marketing share, building luxury brand image. 
Added value: Our innovative jewelry packaging gift boxes design as well as our personalised jewelry packaging solutions can easily make your jewelry stand out from crowd. 

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