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Eco friendly cosmetic packaging report Chinese green campaign

2018-08-28 14:03:37

When i have gone to Beijing more than 10 years ago, the deepest impression was Beijing’s bad weather conditions, such as dust storm, dusthaze, etc. At that time, after washing clothes and when you hanged out your wet clothes outside of door, the whole trousers would become mud trousers after several minutes. Every time when I needed to go outdoor, I had to wear very thick breathing mask during dust storm happening. Some weather professors have been studying the generation reasons of bad weather conditions of Beijing, they found that the large roof can be used to cultivate plants, vegetables etc. The advantage to cultivate vegetable on roof is very many. For example, the green roof is able to low down the temperature of whole building during hot summer, and increase the temperature of building during winter. Most important, the green plants are able to absorb the dusty and generate more oxygen. This action is able to improve our air conditions and weather conditions. Nowadays, China has been becoming lack of cultivated land. If we can take use of urban roof to cultivate vegetable, then our cultivate land will increase by a lot.


As cosmetic brands and enterprises owners, have you felt the heavy influencing of the bad weather brought to our human beings? As cosmetic packaging suppliers, Inspired by such wonderful weather professional solutions, Pi sustainable packaging company has been devoting ourselves to protect our earth via custom cosmetic packaging. For example, eco friendly cosmetic packaging customized of original ecological wooden or pure wooden paper pulp is able to reduce our earth recycle burden. Here are the pictures shown you more detail:

eco friendly cosmetic packaging

Eco friendly cosmetic packaging boxes on above picture are made of pure fiber pulp paper, without any plastic lamination and plastic blister.


Most important, the following custom eco friendly cosmetic packaging boxes design is able to protect our earth via multiple ways.

eco friendly cosmetic packaging

The whole paper cosmetic packaging boxes will be biodegradable and compostable to be soil/water and air at the end of its lifecycle, but it can be flat packing during transportation and storage. In a result, a lot of energy can be saved during the whole processing of cosmetic product: from producing, transportation, storage to disposal.

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