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Eco friendly Cosmetic packaging manufacturers provide foldable rigid gift boxes supplies

  • Min.Order:5000pcs
  • Feature:collapsible structure demonstrate & protect cosmetic | cosmetic bottles or containers as luxury as rigid cosmetic boxes |, but can be flat packed to reduce transportation cost dramatically. 

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Product Details

Eco friendly Cosmetic packaging manufacturers provide foldable rigid gift boxes supplies |:


Custom cosmetic product packaging concept |: eco friendly cosmetic packaging | user-convenient product packaging concept | luxury packaging concept | concise and appropriate packaging concept|. 


Cosmetic packaging gift boxes material and printing craft: fancy paper made of pure paper pulp without plastic lamination plus recycle grey board reflect eco friendly effort achieved by cosmetic packaging suppliers |. Logo is printed in grey so that brand identity are improved. Soft white ribbon play the role of closure system, create feminine feeling and win ladies' favor. White tone demonstrate the whiten value of cosmetic and remind end-consumers to associate the white tone of cosmetic packaging boxes with whitening & beautiful effect of cosmetic. 


Personal care product packaging boxes structure |: Foldable rigid boxes structure not only present the cosmetic | cosmetic bottles | cosmetic jars | cosmetic containers | as luxury as rigid gift boxes |, creatively demonstration method will stimulate young ladies strong appeal to pay more for your cosmetic, protect cosmetic as strong as rigid boxes |, but also can be flat packing to save transportation cost as foldable cosmetic boxes |. Such innovative cosmetic packaging design | reflect eco friendly cosmetic packaging concepts via creative function design. You can find similar custom cosmetic packaging design | as below:

eco friendly cosmetic packaging design


Custom cosmetic product packaging solutions |: This is a good story of custom beauty product packaging solutions . Material application, structure design, model shape design, production processing etc are custom made as per your specific requirement. 


Application: This custom printed cosmetic gift boxes not only play the role in protection of cosmetic containers |, but also display the luxury quality of cosmetic product via the credible quality of luxury cosmetic packaging boxes |. Make brand identity more recognizable, creative beauty product packaging boxes structure and agreeable graphic design make end-consumers enjoy their shopping experience and willing to pay more for your personal care products. 


Added value: Pi sustainable packaging is the leading custom personal care product packaging company |, who mixed multiple custom product packaging concept | multiple material selection | original innovative cosmetic packaging design | custom beauty product packaging solutions | into cosmetic packaging |. Our original innovative packaging design will be not only embedded into the graphic design for cosmetic boxes |, but also model shape design for glass or plastic cosmetic containers and packaging boxes |. our one stop service will include cosmetic product packaging boxes | cosmetic bottles | cosmetic containers | cosmetic jars |, but also include personal care promotional products sourcing. 

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