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Danone unique chocolate cookie metal packaging uk style gift boxes supplies

  • Brand Name :DANONE
  • Min.Order:10000pcs
  • Feature:
     convenient closure mechanism made of multiple material to keep chocolate cookies dry and hygiene.

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Product Details

Danone unique chocolate cookie metal packaging uk style gift boxes supplies |:


Candy chocolate packaging concept |: food grade chocolate packaging made of food safe packaging material |.


Material & production processing: this unique cookie biscuit gift boxes are made of food safe metal sheet, tube tin boxes are covered by transparent lid, which is convenient to demonstrate the cookies inside. lovely printing pattern inspire the kids and their parents to buy the candy. 


Structure: accurate closure system play the important role to keep chocolate and cookie dry and sanitary. Additionally, clear window attract shoppers' attentions without open the lid. 


Custom chocolate packaging solution |: Pi sustainable packaging is one of leading food safe chocolate packaging gift boxes companies |, who is professional in multiple material application, especial in food grade packaging material | natural & bio packaging concept material | eco-friendly packaging concept material application |.This is one successful example to apply multiple food safe packaging material |: metal and virginal transparent plastic to food grade candy boxes |. 


Application: this round chocolate cookie boxes not only play the role of the container to reserve biscuit & cookie in hygiene & safe condition; but also display the candy in luxury way and promote the grade of candy inside gift boxes. brand promotion and improve the shopping experience. 


Add value: Pi sustainable packaging is not only the professional custom chocolate packaging manufacturers |, but also very artistically to integrate natural & bio packaging concept | eco friendly food packaging concept | original innovative candy packaging design | into whole custom product packaging development, such as custom food safe cake packaging boxes wholesale | chocolate boxes packaging |. So we ensure our product packaging boxes meet food safe requirement, meanwhile, help you build great image of the enterprise's social responsibility for health and enviromental protection.

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