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Custom packaging material solution

2015-07-02 10:56:25

Custom packaging material solutions:

Traditionally, there are many kinds of material application to packaging. For example: plastic, paper, wooden, bamboo, tin, fabric, leather, PU and so on. Normally speaking, in luxury packaging, wooden is considered as the best material to produce luxury packaging. Following after wooden box, it should be paper box or plastic box. Of cause, fabric box, leather box and PU box are also able to show the classy quality of products packaging. Natural fiber & plant-base polymer play the important role in ecopack | sustainable packaging | food packaging |. But material is only one of factors to judge the quality of product packaging. There are a lot of other important factors to impact the quality. Please find the product packaging boxes made of above materials for easy understanding:
Wooden boxes |: This is wine box made of wooden, wine bottle packaging for famous wine brand: Remy martin.
Paper boxes |: This wine box is made of paper for famous wine brand: Johnie walker belonged to Diageo.

 paper wine boxes |

Tin boxes |: The following tin box is packaging box for chocolate.

tin chocolate boxes for BAILEYS   

Fabric boxThis is a cosmetic box, grey board wrapped by leather| fabric, packaging box for famous cosmetic brand: Givenchy.

luxury large cosmetic packaging gift boxes with lids supplies for Givenchy 


Plastic boxes |: This is a cosmetic box made of plastic, packaging box for famous cosmetic brand: LAUDER. 

 plastic cosmetic boxes for Estee Lauder

Eco boxes | made of edible plant base polymer: This is a chocolate box made of edible plant base polymer. Chocolate packaging for famous chocolate brand: Lenotre. Eco box made of edible plant base polymer ensure food safe, meanwhile, it is biodegradable & compostable.

chocolate boxes made of edible plant based polymer


Eco box made of plant base fiber: chocolate box made of plant base fiber, food safety can be guaranteed by edible plant base fiber,and 100% biodegradable & compostable.

 chocolate packaging boxes made of edible natural plant base fiberprotective packaging for chocolate packaging boxes

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