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Custom luxury wooden wine product packaging gift boxes supplies for Hennessy

  • Brand Name :Hennessy
  • Min.Order:3000
  • Feature:
    luxury wine packaging concept and luxury display, royal color scheme reflect prestige tone, original innovative wine packaging design apply multiple material and creative closure system. Luxury and innovative wine display as well the royal inner tray become luxury and innovative elements for luxury wine brands. 

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Product Details

Custom luxury wooden wine product packaging gift boxes supplies for Hennessy |:


MOQ: 3000pcs;

Brand: Hennessy;


Wine packaging concept |: luxury packaging | user friendly packaging concept | original innovative wine packaging design | 


Luxury wine packaging material and printing craft |: wooden is always considered as the top luxury wine packaging material |, the super high mechanism characters entitle wooden to custom made luxury wooden wine packaging boxes |, as it can be trimmed into rigid wine boxes with straight angel at the joint of two sides. The rigid outline plus the luxury brown fancy paper will upgrade your wine to precious level. The soft brushing gold PU which is shaped as per the Hennessy wine bottle not just protect wine bottle during transportation and display, but also bring more luxury elements to your wine and brands. The closure system is made of shiny metal accessories with the related instruction, this point reflect user friendly packaging concept, it will also provide a great opportunity with your potential clients to play your luxury wooden wine packaging boxes |. You can seize such great opportunity to promote your wine at the sales spot. Logo are gold stamping on the outstanding area of outer sleeve and wine packaging boxes |. So that your brand identity can be broadcasted widely along with the sales of your wine. 


Wooden wine boxes structure |: innovative wooden wine packaging boxes adopt traditional lid linked to base packaging boxes structure |, but create luxury display manner. The innovative wine packaging boxes display method lies in assembling lid and base into a cube shape, so that it is convenient for wine packaging workers during wine packaging storage in warehouse | wine bottle packing | wine packaging transportation |. Meanwhile, after assembling, the lid and base of wooden wine gift boxes will be transformed into other shape which is convenient for sales to display your wine in about 45 degree direction, 

Custom luxury wooden wine product packaging gift boxes supplies for Hennessy

so that your potential buyers will more easily detect your wine thanks to the innovative wooden wine boxes display method. This user friendly wine packaging design concept meet the megatrend of retail and will promote your wine sales. 


Application: excellent wine packaging not only protect your wine and wine bottle during storage/transportation, but also must display your wine in innovative and luxury ways. So user friendly wine packaging gift boxes design concept should go through the whole processing: including sales, display, storage, transportation and so on. Luxury wooden wine packaging gift boxes always play the key role to build luxury wine brand image and customer loyalty, as it is not only the fashions of your wine, but also will leave a first impression and image of your wine company and brands on your target clients. 


Additional value: Pi sustainable packaging company is a leading luxury wine packaging suppliers in China |, whose own original innovative wine packaging design will differ your brands from your competitors and build the luxury and innovative brand image. Luxury wine packaging concept | user friendly wine packaging design concept are integrated into custom wooden wine packaging solutions artistically through the whole custom luxury wine product packaging gift boxes development and sales process. Our one stop service of custom packaging solution will consider your brand identity, brand culture, marketing tool, display, sales spot, storage, transportation, financial control and so on as top priority during wine packaging development.  


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