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Custom luxury Candy and chocolate food safe packaging gift boxes wholesale for AOKI

  • Min.Order:5000pcs
  • Feature:A right angle at the jointment of rigid candy gift boxes is the luxury element for your chocolate and brand demonstration |. Food safe concept is achieved by multiple chocolate packaging material |. 

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Product Details

Custom luxury Candy and chocolate food safe packaging gift boxes wholesale for AOKI |:


MOQ: 5000pcs;

Brand: AOKI;


Custom candy packaging boxes concepts |: Luxury packaging concept | food safe packaging achieved by natural and bio concepts partly |. 


Chocolate boxes material and packaging craft |: Pearl fancy paper becomes the luxury ambassador to appeal your gourmet lovers, recycle grey board which is wrapped by shiny pearl paper reflect the sustainable packaging idea |. Food safety are highly respected by vegetable base ink/vegetable base glue/original PET blister and food grade silver foil card protective packaging for chocolate |. 


Candy packaging boxes structure |: adopt traditional gift boxes structure |: lid linked to base, but we creatively generate the right angle without supporting all around candy gift boxes |. So that your candy packaging gift boxes look rigid and feel luxury. 


Custom chocolate packaging solutions |: This is an excellent example shown our capability to custom made luxury chocolate packaging gift boxes and how it upgrade your chocolate to luxury level. The material/shape/dimensions/structure/inner tray/printing and post printing craft can all be custom made according to your specific requirement. So that you can enjoy DIY and the procedure to custom made your chocolate packaging gift boxes design |. 


Application: Keep chocolate in food safe condition, protect your chocolate from damage during transportation and storage, transferring your company and chocolate messaging to public and trigger them to purchase your confectionery, building luxury chocolate brand image etc.


Additionally value: Pi sustainable packaging company is a leading candy and chocolate packaging gift boxes suppliers in China, who integrated our own original innovative chocolate packaging design | natural and bio packaging concept | luxury chocolate and candy packaging concept | eco friendly packaging concepts for chocolate | custom candy packaging solutions | into chocolate packaging boxes |. Our original innovative packaging design will consider your brand identity consistency /brand culture/luxury brand building/chocolate and company marketing etc as top priority during graphic design for gift boxes |, model shape design and structure design for packaging gift boxes |. You not only purchase custom luxury chocolate packaging gift boxes |, but also purchase building luxury chocolate brands and bring continuous sales and profit growth to your company. 


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