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Custom electronic mobile phone packaging | share some news about MI advertisement strategic

2016-12-16 15:25:37

Custom electronic mobile phone packaging | share some news about MI advertisement strategic:


As our news reports recently, in 2015, MI’s sales volume has been exceeded by Huawei, in 2016, OPPO and VIVO have exceeded Huawei and Mi. Now, custom mobile phone packaging boxes design | would like to analysis the marketing strategic of mobile phone brands.


After sales volume dramatic increase season by season, mobile phone marketing experts have been analyzing the reasons why OPPO and VIVO can become so successful in these two years. They concluded that OPPO and VIVO benefited from huge propaganda investment, including televisions, network, outdoors advertisement and so on. For example, OPPO and VIVO entitled some entertainment program. They have invested about RMB1 billion. Afterward, Huawei also this marketing strategic. Mi was also not excluded into this marketing campaign. After huge advertisement investment, OPPO and VIVO as well as Huawei have acquired more than USD200 million net profit. Their net profit rate are about 9%.


However, due to Mi’s brand culture: aim to manufacture luxury mobile phone whose price is close to public people, they always prefer to select close public strategic, for example, Mi always prefers to eco friendly mobile phone packaging | which is similar to following mobile phone protective packaging | custom made of paper pulp and paper without lamination:

custom mobile phone packaging boxes design

eco friendly electronic mobile phone packaging boxes

This kind of custom electronic mobile packaging | can be biodegradable and compostable totally after disposal. In a result, it will reduce our earth burden and draw psychological distance between their brand and public audience to be close. Most important, mobile packaging boxes | made of paper pulp will also help them reduce mobile packaging cost. It will contribute to their close public audience marketing and brand strategic. After selection of huge advertisement investment, Mi’s marketing cost will increase dramatically, this part of cost will threaten their original brand and marketing strategic. Their net profit rate is also only about 2%, which is much lower than OPPO and VIVO as well as HUAWEI. In a result, most of mobile phone marketing experts worried about that this huge investment will draw down a great brand: Mi. Let’s anticipate Mi can withstand such tough marketing condition and return to first place.

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