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Custom eco friendly cosmetic product packaging bottles made of biodegradable and compostable bioplastic

  • Brand Name :Pi sustainable packaging
  • Min.Order:10000pcs
  • Feature:100% biodegradable and compostable, edible natural plant base polymer ensure cosmetic contents to be healthful condition after direct contact eco friendly cosmetic product packaging bottles |. Transparent appearance reveal the true face of your cosmetic content to your target clients. 

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Product Details

Custom eco friendly cosmetic product packaging bottles made of biodegradable and compostable bioplastic |. 


Brand: Pi sustainable packaging company |;

MOQ: 10000pcs; 


Custom cosmetic product packaging concept |: eco friendly cosmetic packaging | sustainable cosmetic product packaging | natural and bio concepts. 


Cosmetic product packaging material and processing|: These custom made eco friendly cosmetic product packaging bottles series are made of PLA |, which is refined from natural resource: edible corn starch. Thanks to food grade packaging material application, these cosmetic product packaging containers will keep your cosmetic contents be in hygeian condition. Your target clients will be moved deeply by your effort and responsibility to ensure end-consumers' healthy. The custom made eco friendly cosmetic product packaging containers can be 100% biodegradable and compostable, this will demonstrate your environmental protective efforts. Transparent color of cosmetic product packaging jars supplies | also make it come true that your end consumers can watch your cosmetic content. You can also custom printed your logo and functional or sales points of your cosmetic on the cosmetic product packaging bottles |. Then you can popularize your cosmetic brand widely and embed eco friendly into your cosmetic brand and enterprise. 


Custom cosmetic product packaging solutions |: Pi sustainable packaging company | has creative applied edible plant base polymer to primary packaging for cosmetic |. The cosmetic packaging material | cosmetic packaging bottles colors | dimensions and model shape of cosmetic product packaging containers | printing information and so on all can be customizable. 


Application: primary packaging for cosmetic content and keep your cosmetic content in hygeian condition; protect our only one earth as the custom made sustainable cosmetic product packaging bottles | will be biodegradable and compostable completely. It will reduce the burden of our only one earth as the PLA is refined from renewable plant annually, instead of custom made plastic cosmetic product packaging containers |, which is refined from petrol. 


Additional value: Pi sustainable packaging company is a leading cosmetic packaging company who is professional in application of natural and bio material | eco friendly cosmetic packaging material | sustainable cosmetic packaging material | to cosmetic packaging |. Becides PLA, we also applied natural plant base fiber to custom made cosmetic product protective packaging for cosmetic packaging gift boxes |. 

Our multiple sustainable cosmetic packaging concepts and material application will dig out your natural cosmetic value. Our original innovative cosmetic packaging design will generate creative model shape of cosmetic packaging jars and gift boxes |, which will make your cosmetic stand out of shelf. 

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