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Custom cosmetic packaging is able to play piano for you

2018-09-10 16:41:07

Is it true? Maybe this is the most frequent reaction when most of audience look at the above article title at the first glance. These two kinds of things are total different from each other, how to link? What is the function to link piano with cosmetic? Why would cosmetic brands owners like to build this emotional connection between piano and their brand image? Maybe there are a lot of other questions in the mind of most audience, we will not list all of them here.


Anyway, let’s continuous our discussion about how to build strong emotional link between playing piano and cosmetic packaging. When you look at the following custom cosmetic packaging, maybe you are able to get the points:

custom cosmetic packaging

The various color palettes custom printed on above cosmetic packaging boxes look like the keys of piano. Most important, the color palettes are varying along with your eyes are moving from left side of above luxury cosmetic packaging boxes to right side. The whole processing will generate the similar effect to playing piano inside your mind. This special emotional marketing effect is able to transferring from listening sense to visual sense and create multiple senses transformation effect.


Now, let’s return to the second puzzle inside public audience: why would cosmetic brands like to build strong emotional link to piano? First of all, when you are a color makeup consumer, would you like to make your face be colorful and beatify yourself by beautiful color palette. During coloring yourself, the transition between different colors palettes are required to be soft and natural, which is similar to the wonderful musical composition created by piano. So far, are you able to get the point why COACH is interested in this original innovative cosmetic packaging design?

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