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Cosmetic packaging | is a value creation machine

2018-03-20 11:08:12

Cosmetic packaging | is a value creation machine:


Nowadays, every industry has been experiencing more and more fierce competition. Cosmetic industry can’t escape from such huge trend as supplies has been becoming more and more excessive, but the demand can’t increase so quickly as supplies. So that cosmetic brand need to ensure every part of their cosmetic supplies chain be able to create value. Cosmetic packaging | can’t be excepting.


For example, in order to convince their royal god of that their luxury cosmetic brand image and commodity functions, luxury cosmetic packaging | has been adopted by Lancome as below:

cosmetic packaging

In order to leave responsible enterprise image to end consumers, eco friendly cosmetic packaging | custom made of original ecological bamboo has been becoming more and more popular:

eco friendly cosmetic packaging

However, these efforts are still not enough. Cosmetic packaging design | department still need to create value-added functions for cosmetic brands. For instance, they need to create innovative cosmetic packaging design | to help their god save money, of cause, they are not allowed to make the end consumers of cosmetic brand look down their cosmetic brand image, look down their cosmetic commodity etc. Otherwise, even though you are able to work out super innovative cosmetic packaging |, you are not able to win their favor. Collapsible rigid cosmetic packaging boxes | in following picture were born conditioning on such specific background:

eco friendly cosmetic packaging

This is the key reason why so many famous cosmetic brand would like to adopt such innovative cosmetic packaging design |, such as SEPHORA:

custom cosmetic packaging

cosmetic packaging boxes | became the money making machine. It has exceeded traditional cosmetic packaging | functions: such as cosmetic protective packaging | cosmetic presentation. Cosmetic boxes | have become part of cosmetic brand, as well as part of cosmetic product itself. 

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