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Chocolate boxes packaging reserve warm welcome window for target audience

2018-10-19 11:43:41

Along with more and more competition in open market, every factor has been considered as marketing force, not only sales man, product ability, price, propaganda etc, but also product display.


Chocolate industry can not escape from this fate. In order to allure more audience to approach to chocolate stores to learn more detail about chocolate and brand culture, chocolate brands owners have been trying their best to custom made chocolate boxes packaging design. Their aim is attract more eyes and leave deep impression on them. For example, Famous chocolate brand: FAUCHON selected transparent window rigid paper chocolate boxes packaging as below:

chocolate boxes packaging

In a result, when their potential customers are passing by their chocolate booths, they are able to detect the delicious chocolate inside packaging boxes for chocolate. This considerable chocolate boxes packaging design increase the exposure rate of their chocolate. It happens that there is a similar case. Same as famous French gourmet brand, LENOTRE also select transparent window boxes packaging for chocolates as below:

chocolate boxes packagingchocolate boxes packaging 

In fact, this transparent window is able to show the warm welcome hearts of chocolate brand owner in front of their potential target clients. Your chocolate will be also much more attractive.


Most important, if you are caution enough, you can detect that these two famous gourmet brands all select warm tone to decorate boxes packaging for chocolate: pink to red tone. This tone is considered as warm tone which is able to wake up end consumers’ appetite and trigger them dream of warm feeling after enjoy your delicious chocolate. In fact, the warm welcome feeling generated in deep heart of public audience is brought by this warm tone partly. 

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