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CK empty tin cosmetic box wholesale

  • Brand Name :CK
  • Min.Order:10000pcs
  • Feature:empty cosmetic box is made of tin which is recycle and eco-friendly | perfect rigid mechanical character protects glass or plastic cosmetic bottles in safe condition | excellent barrier property of sun shine/humidity offer the dry, shady and cool condition to reserve cosmetic. 

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Product Details

CK empty tin cosmetic box wholesale |:


Custom cosmetic packaging concepts |: Ecopack concept | sustainable packaging concept | elegant product packaging concept |. 


Material and production processing: Is made of metal sheet, which is from natural resource & recycle and can be 100% degradable via rust. Enhance your eco-friendly value of your cosmetic/brand/enterprise and remind your end-consumers of natural & eco-friendly value in your cosmetic. Strong rigid mechanism of tin boxes offer the best condition to protect plastic or glass cosmetic jars | from damage. Tin boxes are also one of best materials fit to elegant printing and beautify your cosmetic. Excellent deformability allow logo to be embossed to widen your brand identity. Excellent deformability also entitle tin boxes to various shapes, and make it accomodate to shape of glass or plastic cosmetic bottles |. Square shape and blue printing win male favour. 


Structure: lid and base structure, accurate closure system keep cosmetic from exposure by strong sun shine. 


Custom cosmetic packaging solutions |: This is one excellent example of our custom cosmetic product packaging solutions for famous cosmetic brand CK | . Material selection, shape model design, printing and post printing craft are tailor-made as per your own style. 


Application: Protect plastic or glass cosmetic containers | in safe and dry condition and prevent cosmetic content from exposure by strong sun shine; display cosmetic in elegant and eco-friendly way; build sustainable enterprise image; elegant printing and neat looking provide perfect chance with shoppers to feel your cosmetic quality via visual and tactile sense, improving the shopping experience and boost the sales. 


Added value: Pi sustainable packaging is one of leading cosmetic packaging resources all over the world |. Our one stop service not only offer the luxury and elegant cosmetic packaging boxes to upgrade your cosmetic/brand/enterprise |, but also provide cosmetic bottles | cosmetic jars | cosmetic containers | made of multiple material. Our original innovative packaging design service will provide you with not only graphic design |,but also model shape & packaging boxes structure design for cosmetic packaging boxes |, as well as model shape design for your empty glass or plastic cosmetic jars | cosmetic containers | and so on. 

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