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Bamboo eco friendly cosmetic fragrance candle packaging containers boxes design|

  • Brand Name :Pi sustainable packaging
  • Feature:luxury cosmetic packaging | eco friendly cosmetic packaging | concepts are achieved by original ecological bamboo and aluminium jars. 

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Product Details
Bamboo eco friendly cosmetic fragrance candle packaging containers boxes design|

Brand: Pi sustainable packaging company;

Fragrance packaging | design concepts: Natural and healthy fragrance packaging design concepts are realized by original ecological bamboo fragrance candle packaging containers boxes |. Meanwhile, eco friendly cosmetic packaging custom made of bamboo is also able to display your cosmetic, beauty and fragrance in luxury way.  Here is another bamboo packaging boxes for your reference:
food grade packaging

Scent packaging | material and structure: Natural and healthy are the key value of fragrance wax. Original ecological bamboo fragrance packaging containers | wear natural and healthy fashion for your scent brand image. The natural and healthy flavour generated by bamboo is able to convince your target audience of your natural and healthy brand value via smell sense. Transparent painting application to natural bamboo cosmetic containers | are able to enhance natural feeling via unique and natural bamboo texture. You are also allowed to engrave your own logo on this natural and original ecological fashion. So that your brand can be broadcasted along with your fragrance marketing. Aluminium cosmetic jars | are heat resistant when your scent wax are burning. Fragrance packaging containers | are formed of cylinder lid and base. The lid and base are close via spiral.

Custom cosmetic packaging | solutions : cosmetic packaging boxes | functions can be extended thanks to our custom cosmetic packaging |solutions. For example, you are allowed to fill your essential oil into cosmetic jars |, so that we can call it essential oil packaging boxes containers |. Moreover, you are also allowed to fill your skin care cream into custom cosmetic packaging containers |. In a result, skin care packaging | containers function is developed. Meanwhile, you are also allowed to change bamboo cosmetic packaging boxes | to wooden cosmetic packaging boxes | and keep same aluminium cosmetic jars |. Of cause, the functions are still same and the appearance of wooden cosmetic containers | is different from bamboo. 

Value-added: When you purchase our luxury cosmetic packaging boxes |, you will not only enjoy luxury cosmetic display, but also benefit from luxury brand image building and steady sales volume growth for a long time. Meanwhile, eco friendly cosmetic packaging design idea is also able to help you win public favor to protect our only one earth. 

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