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Company profile:

Pi Sustainable packaging Co., Ltd is a leading product packaging company, who integrate original innovative design, natural & bio packaging concept, sustainable packaging concept, user-friendly packaging concept,luxury packaging concept, appropriate packaging concept, custom packagingsolutions into custom product packaging.

Our Mission:  
Become the leading brand in natural, healthy, sustainable, innovative & luxury packaging. Create health, natural, sustainable, creative, luxury life.

Our core value:
CUSTOMER FIRST: We make every effort to exceed customers’ expectation, Customers are our God forever.
CAN DO: With a fighting spirit, we are fearless and powerful to create miracle & do what the competitors can't.
PEOPLE ORIENT: Human resource is our first productivity.

TRIPLE WIN: Aim to build sustainable business growth, we dedicate to triple-win: benefit to all parties in the whole supplies chain, consumers, customers, suppliers, human development, environment.

Our core competitive strength 

Original innovative packaging design: Original innovative packaging design endue the creative life with custom product packaging for related industries. Such as luxury packaging | jewelry packaging | wine packaging | cosmetic packaging | chocolate packaging | food packaging | eco-friendly packaging | and so on. 

Multiple material application: Multiple material application, especial application of renewable material and new energy material. Beside traditional material: plastic, but also include eco-friendly packaging material: paper, wooden, bamboo, edible vegetable base polymer, edible plant base fiber, bamboo fiber and so on. 

Multiple custom product packaging concept application:  Multiple custom product packaging concept application for all industries: Luxury packaging concept | Natural & bio packaging concept | eco-friendly packaging concept | user-friendly packaging concept | modest packaging concept | , such as Natural & bio packaging concept: make chocolate packaging boxes of edible plant base polymer and printed by edible vegetable base ink.

Supply chain management: We are professional to integrate the most competitive resource from internal and external resource to form the most competitive supply chain catering to client’s requirement. Even though in the same industry, we are familiar with the advantage among different resource,  can position the proper resource as per your special requirement efficiently.

Custom packaging solutions: Our custom solutions will offer you multiple product packaging concepts application | multiple material selection | custom packaging boxes structure  design | multiple printing & post printing craft application |. You only need to provide us your packaging concept or idea or draft, then we can help you work out the whole custom packaging solutions catering to your specific demand.

One stop service: According to different demands from different clients, we launch the one stop service from original innovative design, product development, mass production, online QA, QC, to logistic service.  Our original innovative design service include graphic design, model shape design, VI design which is based on the marketing researching, your company culture, brand culture study and so on. Our product development covers not only the secondary packaging (such as wine packaging boxes | cosmetic packaging boxes  | etc), but also primary packaging |(such as wine bottle | glass cosmetic containers | sourcing cosmetic promotional items or wine promotional items etc). So we improve your purchasing efficiency and reduce the purchasing cost & time. 

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